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THE BIG “ONE” | Romy And The Bunnies

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Romy’s 1st Birthday! I had been planning and preparing for quite some time to make sure everything would be perfect. I’m sure many first time parents can sympathize with the fact that I didn’t have many friends with children. With that said, I had to figure out how to make the party not only fun for the babies, but also entertaining for the many adults that came. So here (drumroll please), is a list of things that helped make the party just perfect!

1) The Location

Because my apartment was too small for a party, I needed to find a location that was close to my home and one that I was familiar with. Therefore I decided on a room at The Maritime Hotel , the exact same place where I had my baby shower! This made it so much easier to bring Romy over to the venue, and quicker to plan because I was already familiar with the staff.

2) The Decoration (Pick a Theme!)

I am a strong believer in choosing a theme for parties, whether it be a color scheme or a thematic idea. It really helps to give the event a concentrated direction. For me this was simple! Keeping the website in mind, I opted to feature bunnies and of course different hues of pink, making the party both personal and chic.



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