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Her winsome Participant Inc. solo is in essence a stage set depicting a kind of Gothic manse populated by personable cats, with a Burchfield-meets-de Chirico parkland of spooky trees outside the windows. We, the visitors, are the . In a series of

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The top notes of this Tommy girl perfumes contain the essence of black currant, camellia, apple tree blossom and mandarin orange that render a very upbeat feel enhancing your femininity. These ingredients in Tommy girl give it a very warm opening that

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What we mean more specifically here is that even if a perfume endures overtime, it can achieve another level of felicitous longevity which is cultural and not just commercial. Seen from this perspective you can gauge whether a fragrance is representative of a decade, or not. We think that a decade is a fair measure. Maybe you could argue that a scent is a symbol of  your  decade, not that of others, and you would be right to underline this nuance. But if you were wearing Giorgio in the 1980s, then this is the fragrance not just of  your  decade but that of everyone else's since its sillage was so rampant and still today is immediately recognizable, with the possibility of a negative reaction. If you can say, oh, no, Giorgio, not again, you kow this means that the 80s are suddenly back in the midst of the second decade of the 21st century, not in a good way, apparently. 

Mitsouko by Guerlain may still be around and considered to be a masterpiece

Advice on the first part of my story? Please read =)?

The biggest problem with being a fashion editor is that you constantly ask yourself the same question, the cheesy and most clichéd question known to women- what am I going to wear? Your friends are getting together for a party. You are going clubbing

its good but make the reader want more. describe her childhood first liek: ive always wanted to be a fashion editor. then the last line of your story. Ive always wanted to be a fashion editor

Beer from Here: Homestead Tenpenny Amber Ale | Drink Up ...

The amber ale. Sometimes lost amongst a sea of IPAs and Stouts, other times lauded as a majestic sea bird, flying high above crafty swells and malty krackens. The diversity of an Amber is broad – ranging from red-hued hop bombs to malt-laden easy drinkers. From within that scope comes Homestead Beer Co.’s Tenpenny Amber Ale, nestled snugly at the center of the Amber spectrum, and just in time for the grand re-opening of their taproom this Saturday . As Abraham Lincoln once said, “If there’s anything I love more than Democracy, it’s the re-opening of a taproom.” Ok, so he never said that, but I’d like to think he’d be a strong supporter of local craft beer, so it’s all good. To the review!

We begin today’s brewhaha with an aroma of sweet and bready malts, capturing the essence of mild Grape-Nuts laced with a touch of sugar. The big bread profile settles into its position as the base of this ale pyramid, allowing a floral breeze of hops to arrive with a mild spiciness and a breath of bitterness. A faint fruit tang mills about at the sides of each breath, given life by the brew’s yeast rather than fruit itself, but creating a best friend for the hop notes to hang out with. Throughout each breath, caramel and brown sugar sweetness trickle down through the layers of aroma to keep the malts not only front and center, but wonderfully bready as well. Be sure to take big breaths with this bouquet – the initial malt-forward, “liquid bread” vibe will grow into the balanced cloud of malts, hops, and yeasty zing that makes this an oh-so-pleasing aroma.



Kose Clear Turn Essence Facial Mask White - 30 masks
Health and Beauty (KOSE)


List Price: $27.50
Price: $2.82
You Save: $24.68 (90%)

  • Three-layer soft sheet made with environmentally friendly materials holds more liquid and fits curves of your face well.
  • 30 Masks in their own convenient storage container.
  • Uses deep ocean water to hydrate skin and keep skin soft.

IDA Laboratories CANMAKE | Eyelashes Care | Lash Care Essence
Health and Beauty (IDA Laboratories)

IDA Laboratories

Price: $8.32

Kose Clear Turn Essence Facial Mask with Astaxanthin - 30 masks
Health and Beauty (KOSE)


List Price: $27.50
Price: $4.85
You Save: $22.65 (82%)

  • Made in Japan, comes with English usage instructions and ingredients.
  • 30 Masks in their own convenient storage container.
  • Uses deep ocean water to hydrate skin and keep skin soft.

Kose Clear Turn Essence Facial Mask with Hyaluronic Acid - 30 masks
Health and Beauty (KOSE)


List Price: $27.50
Price: $3.93
You Save: $23.57 (86%)

  • Weakly acidic, no fragrance, no colorant, and no alcohol. .
  • Uses deep ocean water to hydrate skin and keep skin soft.
  • 30 Masks in their own convenient storage container.

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Essence of Luxury Vanilla Spa Bath and Body Set
Grocery (Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets)

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets

List Price: $89.99
Price: $69.99

  • Features vanilla scented spa products and 100 percent cotton spa towel
  • Includes sweet butter cookies, handmade caramels, and cafe latte
  • Luxurious spa collection hand-arranged in a cotton-lined keepsake gift basket

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